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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

on the horizon

I have my second interview for a job next week; Tuesday at 1pm to be exact. Second as in the second one I've had here in quantity; I'm hoping this will be a one interview shot with minimal hoopage through which I have to jump.

It is working a coffee kiosk in a building. At the amazon.com HQ building. Oh wait, it gets better.....its 10/hr minimum plus tips to start, 40 glorious hours per week of day shift hours, with all weekends/holidays off as well.

So, just to summarize:
espresso based coffee shop job (just like the one I had and loved so, so much)
in the mecca of techie land
waiting on uber techs
during the day
for not bad money
did I mention a full benefits package?
oh, and for only $60/month, I can ride a green, high tech, electric train into the heart of downtown Seattle, and back home, passing the congested tri-lanes of I5, in under an hour total commute time AND walking time.

I think the winds have changed, fortune is about to be mine, and I am about to thoroughly enjoy myself.


The Snowboarding Vet Student said...

That sounds amazing! Good luck!

siriussheila said...

Right on! Way to go, J. You've every second of success and enjoyment. How's the new place?

*mary* said...

You'll get the job, I know it. I'm happy that things are looking up for you!

siriussheila said...

Where are you, Dahlink? What's the update? Can't wait to read your news. :o)

*mary* said...

Hey, where have you went to? Long time no blog!